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Family Law Resources

Intake Form – Before you come in for your initial consultation, it is very helpful to provide as much information as possible in the Intake Form to avoid having to provide all of this information during the meeting. This will allow you to speak with the attorney about your situation and not spend all of your time providing background information.

Divorce Budget Worksheet – The Budget Worksheet will allow you to get a better handle on what you have been spending and what you and your soon to be ex-spouse will require to pay your bills and provide for your family after the divorce. It is impossible to know what you will need or will be able to afford without having a budget.

Divorce Facts – This document provides some basic information about divorce and how the laws work in Indiana. This will help you know what to ask when you do meet with the attorney.

Divorce FAQ – The FAQ provides answers to some of the more common questions people have about divorce.

Go Bag Checklist – The Go Bag Checklist provides you with the essential items you should have in your go bag. Every victim of abuse should be prepared to move to shelter, even if there is a protective order in place. Some abusers will not be deterred by a court order, and you should be ready to go somewhere safe and to have the essential things you will need to survive until the danger has passed.

Mediation Checklist – The Mediation Checklist provides you with a list of the basic information that your attorney and eventually the mediator will need to provide you with the advice you will need to come to an agreement with your spouse. Having the right information will allow you to work on agreement without having to explain the entire situation to the mediator.

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